Florals in the Garden


Residential Planters

Janae’s Floral Scapes provides a very unique design with top quality flowers/plants for your outdoor container gardens and beds all year long.
We provide onsite visits to your home and
customize your flower pots, beds, for all 4 seasons. We are proud to provide exceptional service for everything and anything relating to your flowers, pots, beds.

Commercial Planters

Janae’s Floral Scapes works with businesses in the tri-state area to provide a unique floral for your building’s outdoor container gardens and beds all year long.
With onsite visits to your business, we can customize your flower pots, beds, and more for all 4 seasons.

Garden Maintenance

We provide scheduled maintenance services for your planters, gardens, flower beds. Whether it is weekly maintenance service(weeding, fertilizing flowers, watering, pruning etc.) or watering your flower pots for just 1 week, Janae’s Floral Scapes has your needs covered.

Making Dreams Come True....One Flower at a Time!

Our services primarily cover Morris, Warren, and Sussex counties, but can be extended to the Tri State Area upon request. Contact Janae's Floral Scapes for a complimentary on-site consultation today.